Wire Erosion

Our advanced EDM department allows us to machine a wide range of materials to exacting tolerances. Precision accuracy and optimum surface finish are achieved using advanced generator settings from “artificial intelligence” combined with the stability of submerged cutting conditions.

Auto wire vertical function to maintain squareness of wire to workpiece. Multi skim cutting and taper mode cutting optional dependent on specification of part to be machined. We have the option of standard 0.25mm diameter wire or 0.1mm diameter wire. Both of our machines have standard powered Z axis for accurate repeatability of height setting.

Erosion of hardened tool steels has long been the advantage of wire erosion which we now support with the EDM drilling of start holes for wire access eradicating lost time through conventional drill breakage.

We wire erode a wide range of materials including mild steel/tool steel, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, nicrosil, nisil, carbide, nickel aluminium, nickel chrome, mazak, aluminium bronze, mumetal and inconel 600/625. The absence of any cutting force during the EDM process allows precision finishing of materials considered “difficult” to machine using conventional methods.

We also stock pre-tapped and heat treated tool steel to allow a rapid repair/replacement service on punches and dies/inserts to compliment our production press shop and ensure minimum downtime on tool repair.

Fanuc Robocut alpha-0iC,

Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation)
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

Fanuc Robocut alpha-1C

with large capacity work tank, Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation) 
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

Wire Eroder