As a natural progression from our press toolmaking origins and with repeated requests from our existing customers to add a “small run” facility to our in house design and manufacture of press tools Metal Shapes and Pressings Ltd was incorporated in 1996.

With an initial single 40-ton HME press the company has expanded to four factory spaces with a range of presses from 5-120 tonnes.

A hydraulic shear was added in 2004 to our plant to reduce lead times on material waiting and improve flexibility on short-run requirements reducing excessive coil stocks and providing our customers with a fast and effective small batch capability. While doing this we have kept our coil fed capability to accommodate medium to high batch quantities.

Learning our trade in the automotive industry we have since expanded our customer base to include aerospace, electrical, computer, construction, food and medical industries.

We provide a clean and safe environment for our employees whilst constantly improving our working methods, training and organisational skills to improve our efficiency and meet the requirements of our customers.

  • Working from sheet/cut blanks, strip, wire and coil.

  • In house guillotining.

  • Production from progression, pierce and blank, pierce and crop, form, compound, draw, swaging, rivetting and assembly tools.

Ancillary operations added to our capability include production tapping (multi head and rotary), spin rivetting, spot welding.

Wire Eroder