EDM Drilling

Our advanced EDM department allows us to machine a wide range of materials to exacting tolerances. Precision accuracy and optimum surface finish are achieved using advanced generator settings from “artificial intelligence” combined with the stability of submerged cutting conditions.

We are capable of EDM hole drilling from 0.3mmØ to 3.0mmØ through materials such as hardened steel up to 250mm thick. EDM drilling is useful for small applications such as nozzles, drilling into curved surfaces, as starter holes for wire erosion, it can also drill through any material even carbides and wont risk damage from broken drill bits.

EDM technology enables us to achieve extreme accuracy when producing incredibly delicate parts at very high cutting speeds. This isn’t this restricted to die and mould. Since only one tool is required it is also a lower cost alternative to milling, turning, grinding, lathing or broaching.

Fanuc Robocut alpha-0iC, Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation)
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

Fanuc Robocut alpha-1C with large capacity work tank, Submerged, Autowire, (24 hour operation) 
Automatic Wire Feed Erosion (x500mm y370mm z300mm)

Wire Eroder