CNC Turning

Our advanced CNC department allows us to machine a wide range of materials to exacting tolerances. Precision accuracy and optimum surface finish are achieved using advanced generator settings from “artificial intelligence” combined with the accuracy, predictability and finish associated with computer numerically controlled systems.

Ideally suited for low to medium volume work, the our Hurco CNC slant-bed turning center with its true slant-bed offers the latest in CNC turning functionality, including high accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Fully programmable offline, we can now offer a rapid turn around on turned parts, a true complement to our state of the art machine shop capacity.

 Hurco TM6
(x177mm z355mm)

6-inch chuck & 10 inches cutting diameter
High speed 6,000 RPM spindle

Rapid Traverse X, Z Axis (ipm) 750 / 945
Constant surface speed
Bar Feeder

Wire Eroder